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Written by Sky   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54

To all new (and returning) site visitors, welcome! Legend Readers started out as simply a David Gemmell fan site with a somewhat rabid fan base on the forums. But as time went on, it slowly became a website of some of my favorite things...books (mostly sci-fi and fantasy), movies, and video games. So that's what I do now. I have a blast reviewing content from some of my favorite hobbies. But no matter what gets put on this site, David Gemmell will always have pride of place.

And what is the name "Legend Readers" all about? Two things. First, Mr. Gemmell's first novel was named Legend. And in one of his later books, The Swords of Night and Day, the army of the descendants of the Drenai people were called "Legend Riders." We read these books...hence the name "Legend Readers." It is just a play on words.

For those of you who don't know, David Gemmell (August 1, 1948 – July 28, 2006) was an "heroic fantasy" author who wrote 32 amazing books. Anything and everything that I could find related to David Gemmell I gathered and placed here. This ranged from book covers to even the old ZX Spectrum game Legend that was based off of his first novel of the same name. This community was hit hard by Mr. Gemmell's passing when we realized that there would be no more new Gemmell novels to read. Time went by and the forums grew. More and more we began to discuss other authors, movies, and even video games. But we always come back to Mr. Gemmell's work...which is what brought us together in the first place.

In a large way, this site is a tribute to David Gemmell and will always remain so. Yet there are many other authors out there that, while they are not David Gemmell, are still pretty good. And who knows? Perhaps there is a new author ready to emerge in the mold of David Gemmell. All of us on the forums love to discuss these sorts of things and enjoy reviewing new books and authors, movies, and video games on the various systems (Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3, and PC). On top of re-hashing Mr. Gemmell's work!!

So feel free to register (it is free!) and take part in this tribute to David Gemmell!

If you have any David Gemmell inspired work that you would like to submit to be added to Legend Readers (that can include fan art, 3D models, music, fan fiction, poetry, crafting weapons, etc), please register on the forums and then send me (Sky) a private message and I'll get you taken care of!

Here is the complete list of David Gemmell's books as well as the year of their original release:

Legend (1984)

King Beyond the Gate (1985)

Waylander (1986)

Wolf in Shadow (1987)

Ghost King (1988)

Last Sword of Power (1988)

Knights of Dark Renown (1989)

The Last Guardian (1989)

Quest for Lost Heroes (1990)

Lion of Macedon (1990)

Dark Prince (1991)

Morningstar (1992)

In the Realm of the Wolf (1992)

The First Chronicles of Druss the Legend (1993)

White Knight Black Swan (1993) (pseudonym of Ross Harding)

Bloodstone (1994)

Ironhand's Daughter (1995)

The Hawk Eternal (1995)

The Legend of Deathwalker (1996)

Dark Moon (1996)

Winter Warriors (1997)

Echoes of the Great Song (1997)

Sword in the Storm (1998)

Midnight Falcon (1999)

Hero in the Shadows (2000)

Ravenheart (2001)

Stormrider (2002)

White Wolf (2003)

The Swords of Night and Day (2004)

Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow (2005)

Troy: Shield of Thunder (2006)

Troy: Fall of Kings (2007) (posthumously finished by his wife, Stella)

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